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Terminal Server: TTY00NTA00

This node is a terminal server (access server) used for the Controls Department RS-232 connections located in the NLC Test Accelerator Hall.


Model 2500
Manufacturer Cisco Systems
Serial Number
Number of Ports 16
Operating System IOS
Location B62
Physical Dimensions occupies a space of 2U in 19" rack

Network Infomation

Node Name
IP Address
Primary User Allison, Stephanie
System Admin Lahey, Terri
Default Gateway/Route
Subnet Mask
Subnet Bits 6
Domain Name Server YES
SLAC Domain Name Servers
Subnet LEB


Port Designation

Port #
Connected To
1 rfs00nta00 EPICS ioc B62
2 rfs00nta01 EPICS ioc B62
3 spare
4 spare
5 spare
6 spare
7 spare
8 spare
9 spare
10 spare
11 spare
12 spare
13 spare
14 spare
15 spare
16 spare

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