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Programmable Logic Controller:  PLC00NTA00

The node plc00nta00 is an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller, which is referred to as a PLC. This device is a processor used for the NLC Test Accellerator Low-Level RF and 8-Pack Low-Level RF subsystems.

  • CPU
  • Network Information
  • Bootp - Disabled
  • Console Port - Serial Port connected to Allen-Bradley touch panel located in rack
  • Crate Profile
  • Memory Map - See Alan Hill for details.

  • CPU

    Model SLC 5/05
    Manufacturer AllenBradley
    Serial Number
    Hardware Address (MAC Address)
    Operating System
    Ethernet Protocol
    Processor 1747-L553
    Processor Speed
    Optimal Performance 33 words/sec or 33 msg/sec or 30.8ms/msg
    Read Access Memory
    Chassis Type 1746 Chassis
    Comments Must be installed in slot 0 (far left slot)

    Network Information

    Node Name
    IP Address
    Primary User Hill, Alan
    System Admin Hill, ALan
    Default Gateway/Route
    Subnet Mask
    Subnet Bits 6
    Domain Name Service YES
    SLAC Domain Name Servers
    Subnet LEBnet

    Crate Profile

    Slot No. Model Description
    0 SLC 5/05 1771 Processor - Programmable Logic Controller
    1 1771-DCM Direct Communication Module (NLCTA)
    2 I/O Module
    3 I/O Module
    4 I/O Module
    5 I/O Module
    6 I/O Module
    7 1771-DCM Direct Communication Module (PACK)
    8 Spare
    9 Spare
    10 Spare

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    Last modified:  Saturday, April 6, 2002