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LAN/GPIB Gateway

A Local Area Networks (LAN)/General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) Gateway combines hardware and firmware in a small box to provide a network gateway between network-equipped computer systems and GPIB base instruments. The gateway enables users of I/O applications to obtain measurement data either locally or remotely from GPIB instrumentation.

  • Hardware
  • Adding a New LAN Box
  • SLAC LAN Subnets
  • Nodename Host Subnet Location Contact
    cdgpib1 cdvw5 SLCLAVC B5-R205 Stephanie Allison
    nlctagpib1 mccux02 LEB B62 Doug McCormick
    nlctagpib2 mccux02 LEB B62 Doug McCormick
    nlctatgpib3 mccux02 LEB B62 Doug McCormick
    pckgpib1 mccux02 LEB B62 Andrew Young
    cidgpib01 mccux02 LEB Jim Turner
    cidgpib02 sdr00ioc00 E158 CID Jim Turner
    drgpib2 mccux02 LEB Jim Turner
    li02gpib01 mccux02 LEB Jim Turner
    li02gpib02 mccux02 LEB Mark Petree
    nkickgpib1 mccux02 LEB Jim Turner
    skickgpib1 mccux02 LEB Jim Turner
    met02gpb01 mccux02 PEPII B624 Mark Petree
    met02gpb02 mccux02 PEPII Mark Petree
    met04gpb03 gpb00ioc00 PEPII B641, Rack 10 Mark Petree
    met06gpb01 mccux02 PEPII B660-2748 Alan Fisher
    rfs99gpb00 gpb00ioc00 PEPII B645,B685,B725 Ron Akre

    Contact: Stephanie Allison
    Last Modified:  Thursday, March 14, 2002

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