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VxWorks Target:  RFS00NTA01

The node is a vxWorks target used for Test Accelerator RF Fast Data Acquisition and Control


Model MVME2700-3431
Manufacturer Motorola 
Serial Number  FW90571
MAC Address
Operating System VxWorks
License Number 4812864
Processor MPC750
Processor Speed  366 MHz
Numeric Coprocessor None
Coprocessor speed N/A
Read Access Memory 32 MB
Video Memory None
Hard Drive None
Physical Dimensions B-Size VMEbus Module
Slot Requirements 1 slot
SLAC ID 16038266
Location B62

I/O Transition Module

Model MVME761-001
Manufacturer Motorola 
Serial Number  4808092
SLAC ID 16038265
Location B62

Network Information

Node Name
IP Address
Primary User  Allison, Stephanie
System Admin Allison, Stephanie
Default Gateway/Route
Subnet Mask
Subnet Bits  6
Domain Name Service  YES
SLAC Domain Name Servers
Subnet LEBnet

VxWork Boot Parameters

boot device  dc
processor number  0
host name  opi00gtw00
file name  ioc/rfs00nta01/vxWorks 
inet on ethernet (e)
inet on backplane (b) 
host inet (h)
gateway inet (g)
user (u)  vxworks
ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh)
flags (f)  0x8
target name (tn)  rfs00nta01
startup script (s) ioc/rfs00nta01/startupE 
other (o)

Crate Profile

Slot No. Model No. Manufacturer Description
1 MVME2700-3431
Motorola CPU w/PowerPC processor MPC750,ethernet and serial port
Transition Module
2 V265 CAEN 8-Channel Charge Integrating ADC (gated)
3 V265 CAEN 8-Channel Charge Integrating ADC (gated)
4 Spare CAEN 8-Channel Charge Integrating ADC (gated)
5 Spare
6 Spare
7 Spare
8 Spare
9 Spare
10 Spare
11 Spare
12 Spare
13 Spare
14 Spare
15 Spare
16 Spare
17 Spare
18 Lecroy 1176 Lecroy Time-to-Digital-Converter
20 Spare
21 VMIVME2534 VMIC Digital I/O Module

Memory Map

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