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This page contains a list of links to EPICS  software controls "How-To" documentation at SLAC as well as other useful "How-To" documentation used by the the control system on Unix.


General Documentation

  • Getting Started
  • Access NFS Data Areas
  • EPICS Environment Setup Scripts
  • PEPII Rings Operating and Reference Manual
  • Development Tools

  • Excel spreadsheets --> EPICS templates
  • How to Add things

  • Add a Network Node
  • Add an EPICS Process Variable (PV)
  • Access EPICS PV's on  BBR subnet  from the PEPII subnet (ie: gateway)
  • Add an EPICS  Printer
  • Add an EPICS CUD
  • Add a BOOTP Device
  • Add a PC Channel Access Servers/Clients (ActiveXCA)
  • Make a BBR PV accessible to VMS correlation and history plots
  • How to Integrate LabVIEW with EPICS using the Shared Memory Interface
  • Standalone Processes

  • Start/Kill/Restart CMLOG Server and client components
  • Start/Kill/Restart/Use Channel Archivers
  • Start/Kill/Restart/Use ChannelWatcher
  • Start/Kill/Restart/Use Command Servers 
  • Start/Kill/Restart Gateway Servers  
  • Start/Kill/Restart/Use Alarm Handlerr
  • Cron Jobs
  • Cheat Sheets

  • Use a Terminal Server (TTY)
  • Use an Operator Interface (OPI)
  • Use a UPS - PowerChute Plus
  • Use CVS
  • Use RDIST
  • Edit EPICS Displays

  • Create a local  EPICS Application setup
  • Loading an IOC from a Unix
  • Loading an IOC from a PC
  • IOC console access - iocConsole
  • EPICS Installation and Development on Windows
  • UNIX Resources

  • Third-Party Tools
  • Shared Accounts
  • Backup NFS Data
  • Unix Watchdog PVs
  • Hardware

    Add VME/VXI Software Controlled Remote Crate Reset

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