PEPII RF Controls


Controls Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Notes by:  Kristi L. Luchini
In attendence: S. Allison, C. Chestnut, S. Clark, K. Luchini, J. Rock, N. Spencer, M. Zelazny


  1. PEPII RF SCP Configs
  2. Restoring an RF station to initial state after a SCP config has been loaded
  3. Gotchas

Actions To be Taken


  2. Obsolete the existing VMS PEPII-HER and PEPII-LER SCP Config files. These files are not complete, and there is no need to restore all HER and/or all LER stations. The expert operator (R.Akre,M.Browne,D.Teytelman) only has the need to restore individual RF stations. All individual PEPII RF station config files will be updated to match the list of channels by the IOC save/restore system (ie ChannelWatcher pvlist input files).
  3. PEPII RF HER AND PEII RF LER SCP Config buttons.

  4. Modify the PEPII RF SCP Config buttons so that a button macro is executed that will force each of the individual RF Station Config buttons to be pressed for the desired ring.
  5. Saving PEPII RF SCP Config files.

  6. All PEPII RF SCP Configs saved will continue to be saved to the scratch disk. However, the saved configs will remain be moved to the physics disk after 30 days. If a users needs to restore an rf station config file older than 30 days, they will need to contact a ESD Software person for assistance so that the file can be retrieved can copied to the appropriate VMS directory and.
  7. Updating PEPII RF SCP Config files.

  8. The VMS SCP Config files will be updated to contain the complete list of PV's found in the ChannelWatcheer save files used on Unix. This task will require that  the existing PEPII RF ChannelWatcher PV list template files and scripts to create a SCP config files that will be loaded from VMS. This will require that the scripts listed below, be modified so that they will produce a VMS SCP config file in the proper format,  in addition to creating the ChannelWatcher PV list input file used on Unix. The task to modify the unix script that will generate the VMS SCP config files  requires 2-8 work.  The SCP configs will be saved in the Unix code version control system (CVS).  At the time when a new version of a SCP config file placed into CVS the email facility of CVS will be used to send email to the necessary ESD software people (E.Miller,N.Spencer,K.Underwood)  who need to know this information.  The new SCP config files will also need to be shipped from Unix to VMS. The mechanism used to grap Unix db reports (K.Brobeck,J.Rock) may be able to be used.
      Template Files: 
      Please noote that the savedataALARM file is no longer used.
      ChannelWatcher Script:
      The following scripts are used to generate channel watcher pvlist input files below.

      Channel Watcher pvlist input files:

      SCP Config Files Format:
      See Nancy Spencer for more information.
       ! Abs:  PEPII RF High Energy Ring (HER) Station 8-3 Parameters
       ! Name: RFHR8-3TEMP.CNF
       ! Auth: 04-May-2001, Stephanie Allison
       ! Mod:
       ! Station Gap Voltage, Drive Power, Klystron Power Setpoints

      The SCP Config files are located in the following directories with the following naming convension.


      SCP Config Data Files:

  9. Station Initialization after a SCP Config has been restored:

  10. The current problem with SCP configs regarding EPICS applications is that the ioc is that although parameters (PV's) are restored to known value, action is required by the users to force that restored information to be used. Therefore, a Matlab program will be written to force an RF station to initialize after a SCP Config has been restored. The initialization of an RF station entails a series of EPICS display button pushes.  This can be accomplished by issuing a series of  EPICS channel access puts (caputs)  in  the proper order. Delays will need to be used after some caputs to wait for completion of  the action.  Although this task could also be done from a script, you will need a separate script for each stations with makes maintenance more difficult and the chance of a typo greater.  f caputs for each RF stations, a matlab program will be used to issue the caputs, using the stations id and number of cavities as the input parameters. The RF engineers and physists already maintain a list of matlab programs for pepii rf. Some of these matlab programs already do a subset of what is necessary for this task, so the developer of this matlab program may find it useful to cut and past from the existing matlab files.  This task will be done by the RF Hardware group.
  11. New Button Added to Displays for RF Station Init:

  12. A new button for initializing an rf station after a SCP Config has been restore will be added to the PEPII SCP Config panels.
    This button will initiate cmdSrv to execute the Matlab (rf_stn_init.m) program listed above to be executed with the proper input arguments.  A similar button will be placed on the PEPII RF Matlab display. Warning text will be placed on both of these displays to let the operator know that an expert should be performing this function.
  13. Gotchas

  14. The Dan VanOlst program on VMS that saves the SCP Configs has a limitation that needs to be fixed.  The limitation is related to the DBalloc() function used (65535) . If the number of channels in the SCP Config input file channels exceeds a certain number then the DBalloc() function fails. This limitation has already been reached with the NLCTA SCP Config files. However, since NLCTA is not currently using these configs this limitation has not been resolved yet. However, it is anticipated that the extension of the individual PEPII RF SCP Config files this limitation will be reached and the problem resolved at that time.

    When the SCP Config files are completed the will contain calibration data specific to a module. Therefore, an expert is required to restore an RF Station Config in order to know the ramification of such an action.  Please remember that if a module has been replaced, and that modules uses calibration data, if a config is restored to that station, you will see unexpected results. A change in module requires different calibration data. Warnings will be placed on the PEPII RF SCP config panel to warn the operator before restoring configs.

  15. Remaining Questions:

  16. Will partial configs be needed? No