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PEPII/SPEAR LLRF:   Station Hardware List

This page provides the crate profile for modules found in each Pepii/SPEAR low-level RF station VXI crate.


Miscellaneous Hardware

Item Number Manufacturer Description Drawing Number
1 Solid state 120 Watt RF drive amplifier - Microwave Power Equipment  PAS-51-0-450-500
2 Arc detector chassis 340-307
3 AC power conditioner/breaker
4 Kooltronics Air conditioner
5 DEC ASCII terminal (Pepii only) - located on top of shielded rack (connected to processor console port)


Additional Equipment

Allen Bradley I/O chassis #1 (1771-A3B) containing: Allen Bradley I/O chassis #2 (1771-A3B) containing: Allen Bradley SLC chassis (1746-A7) containing: Local panel - drawing number 340-310

Klystron filament chassis - drawing number 340-311

Tuner driver chassis - drawing number 340-330

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