PEP-II LLRF Fault File Panel


Each PEP-II RF station has built-in hardware capable of capturing and recording several channels of transient faults.  The Fault Control and Analysis EPICS panel is used to set up the fault recorder multiplexers and plot out the stored fault files.  This panel is accessed from the upper right Main Station panel using the "Fault File Info" button. If the fault file option is enabled a family of files will be written after a fault has tripped off the station and before the auto reset turns the station back on.

Input Fields

Matlab Analysis Scripts Buttons

The Matlab-based plotting routines read data from files in the appropriate RF station name (LR44 etc.) subdirectory under /u1/pepii/ctrl/ (accessed by cd $RF_DATA on UNIX). Each file name ends with a # where the number corresponds to the currently selected fault file number. The routines then display plots and activate a plotting GUI. Matlab will exit 2 minutes after the last GUI button push.