PLS Short Pulse Pump Laser Controls

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Axel Brachmann
ext. 4889
pg. 846 0157


This EPICS panel controls the pump laser for the short pulse Ti:Sapphire cavity of the PLS. The pump laser is a Nd:YLF laser which is connected to the control system via LabView and ActiveXCA software, which allows EPICS process variables to be served and read. All used variables are listed towards the bottom of One Line Report of General and LabView PVs.
The following scheme depicts the layout of the laser.

Diagnostics and Controls

The EPICS control interface consists of three panels:

PLS Short Pulse Laser Main Control Panel



PLS Short Pulse Laser Diagnostics Panel



PLS Short Pulse Internal Trigger Panel

Only for use in 'Internal' trigger mode by experts for trouble shooting.



Related Information

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History Plots HOWTO

  1. Open Epics Panel (Main or Diagnostics)
  2. move mouse cursor over value
  3. middle click mouse button, this will display the variable name in 'dmchan'
  4. On the SCP go to Index --> SPECAL DISPLY --> Generl HIST Plots --> ENTER FULL NAME and manually type in the variable name (or drag and drop from 'dmchan')
  5. ON the SCP Panel (GENERAL PURPOSE HISTORY PLOTTING) select the desired time and select AUTO SCALE PLOT