BIC Summary Help

The Bunch Injection Control Summary display gives an overview of activity. On the left, the Bunch Current data is given in both pedestal subtracted counts and equivalent milliAmperes. On the right the pedestal subtracted DCCT readout and calculated decay rate are given. Filling out the upper part are the number of "filled" buckets and base time for lifetime calculations.

See BIC Problem page for previously encountered interesting problems, how they were diagnosed, and what fixed them.

See BIC_Expert Help for details of the calculation controls.

The BIC STATE reflects the internal state machine and can have the values:

Further information on the design and internal operation of the Bunch Injection Controller can be found in /afs/slac/g/pepii/bic/docs/ either as Framemaker files or the postscript files (with the .ps extension): Information on the Injection Efficiency page is found here.

Below is a general schematic, showing where parts fit in:

Next comes an overview of the Calibration and Goal status', details of which can be found on the BIC_Detail Help, BIC_Injection Helpand the MPG shared memory link status.

The picture whose axes are impossible to read shows the DCCT current and calculated Lifetime. To get proper scaling it is necessary to use the click the right mouse button while pointing at the graph and choose "autoscale".