Bunch Current Monitor Phase Help

This panel was constructed to look like the local panel in IR6. The two items not available anywhere else are the phase setting and the selection of the 4-phase vs. 1-phase operation.
The phase setting is in volts, and the relationship to some actual phase is not permanent. It depends on wire lengths, modes, etc. After the initial setup, this should stay very stable.
Alan Fisher is the expert in this area.

The One/Four Phase button needs to be changed along with some switches in IR6. The module of interest is in the HER VXI crate (upper right), and contains the switch settings for both LER and HER. LER switches are at the top and HER switches at the bottom of the module. The switches of interest are the B0 and B1 switches. The left position means free running, the middle position means a solid "1", and the right, a solid "0". The B0 value determines the setting of the 0-180 phase switching, and the B1 value the setting of the 90-270 phase switching.

The Four-Phase software setting corresponds to both Free Running (left), and the One-Phase setting corresponds to both a solid "1" (middle position). The other settings are for diagnostic purposes.

This module determines the settings of phase shifters in the Bunch Current Monitor equipment. In free running, Four Phase mode data are collected at 0,90,180, and 270 degree phase shifts. The "sine" amplitude and "cosine" amplitudes are then used to generate a phase independent amplitude.