What is Stopping Injection?

If you don't have the medm_diag panel up (Inject->Fill Plots), look at it now.
The graph shows the ratio of actual bucket currents to goal currents. When life is good, this is a reasonably flat line.

The first sanity check is on the RMS of the above plot. The warning and error levels can be set in obvious places. If the error condition obtains, injection will be blocked with Bad Setup. Typically this indicates a hardware error or a setup error, for example changing the goal to a new pattern and injecting on top of a previous pattern.

The Unrequested Current Ratio compares the sum of current in unrequested buckets to that in requested buckets. There is a DCCT discriminator which determines when this kicks in. If this is in error (red), you will also see Bad Setup. This will detect bad timing, for example.

The DCCT to BxBCM calibration check is in units of nanoamperes per ADC count. This value is typically between .00012 and .0003 or so. This calibration will trip the error condition to indicate a DCCT error (hanging, needs resetting) or a BxBCM hardware problem (Shutdown VXI, cycle power, start up again).

The Pedestal Difference at the bottom will not stop injection, but will disable the Deconvolution function. A popular LER problem is that the odd pedestals are all large negative, and that the odd channels do not reflect the data they are seeing. In this case Deconvolution really messes up the data.