BIC Goal Help

This help contains the information needed for injection goal settings.The goal setting allows you to specify a goal filename or pattern, the fill rate (average per second) and burst rate (maximum rate for some sub-second period), as well as the fill goal (in ma for the whole ring). When the "Set Goal" button is pushed, the fill goal, the number of buckets to fill and the normalized current (ma per 1.0 in goal file) is read. In addition, the comment from the goal file is echoed to the display.

Since many goal files supply a simple fill, a pattern can now be supplied instead of a goal filename. The parser will determine weather a pattern or a filename has been input by the user and the appropriate action taken. The format of the pattern is as follows:


The items in [] are optional. If the last channel parameter is not supplied, then it is set to the first channel. If the spacing parameter is not supplied the default is set to 2, unless a single channel has been specified. The value parameter is a special case in that it must be set to 1 or 0 if you wish to exclued a bucket. The default value if not entered is 1.

Multiple patterns can be entered by using a semi-colon ";" as a separater, such as is seen in the following example.


This will use the fill pattern of 0 to 100 by 10 AND 2000 to 2800 by 100. The total number of buckets filled would be 110. In addition, buckets can be excluded from a fill pattern by using the "~" to prefix the bucket that the user wants to exclude. For example,


This will perform the same fill pattern described above with the exception thatbuckets 2100 and 2200 are set to zero. This same feature of excluding buckets can also be accomplished by setting the goal value to 0, as in the following example.


Normally, using the value of "0.0" is not used in a pattern string since it takes too many characters and the input pattern has a limit of 40 characters.

There is also the facility to specify a linear interpolation between two points. An example:


will generate a ramp from bucket 0 to 60, using the values already specified for those buckets, i.e. .6 and 1.0. Order is important!

A filename can be entered by the user in one of two ways. First the goal filename may be entered in the same input field as the pattern, using the format listed below:


The parameters in [] are optional. However, a filename that does not begin with a letter, MUST specify the file extention ".dat". For example, if the user entered "b0" in the input string, then the file


is read. However, if the user entered "0" without the file extention ".dat" then this string will be translated as the following pattern:


However, if the user entered "0.dat" the following file would be read.


The second method to select a goal file is to use the file selection menu button. This is the magenta button found next to the "Enter Filename or Pattern" header. Once the mouse is focused on this object, clicking the first button on the mouse brings up a file selection menu box. The user can then select the desired goal files of the form "*.dat" from the directory "/u1/pepii/goal/".

WARNING: It should be noted, that if the user iconizes the "dm" box associated with the file selection menu, the next time this button is selected, the file selection menu box will be iconized, and will NOT pop-up. This is an EPICS feature that is not currently selectable.

These Goal files can be listed and/or edited from the BIC panel on the SCP, reachable from PEPII INDEX->HER(or LER)->Bunch Injection.