Bunch Injection Detail Help

The Overview Section in the upper right repeats information found on the BIC_Main panel. To see the top-level Help file, click here.

The next segment displays the current DCCT pedestal and the raw DCCT value. A new pedestal value can be typed in, but the preferred method of obtaining a pedestal is to use the button when the ring is empty. The DCCT Scale toggle must reflect the actual switch setting in IR6. The normal setting is 5 Amps = full scale.

The Bunch Current Monitor section displays the current even and odd pedestals for the 1 Hz and 60 Hz data collected from the Bunch-by-Bunch Current Monitor.

The Bunch Current Calibration displays the "gold" calibration obtained from comparing the DCCT current to the sum of all ADC counts from the Bunch-by-Bunch Current Monitor as well as the continuously updating calculated value. The button will copy the running value to the "gold" value. A value can also be typed into the "gold" value.

The goal setting section is used to determine which fill pattern and intensity to set as a goal. It has its own help.

The Bunch Monitor Attenuation is used to establish a good input value so that the ADC output of the Bunch-by-Bunch Current Monitor has as much accuracy as possible. This section has its own help.

The Calibration section gives control over which injection quanta are enabled, what their expected injection values are and what is actually arriving. There is more help available.