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Bunch Injection Controls

This page contains a description how the bunch injection goal files have been implimented.


  • Proposal
  • Functional Requirement
  • Design Specification
  • Implimentation
  • EPICS IOC  (VxWorks)

  • EPICS Databases:  bic_goal.db , bic_common_lum.db, bic_bunchcurr.db
  • EPICS Sequence:,
  • The NFS NFS Mountpoint "/vpepii". This mountpoint is setup during in the script userNfs.cmd  which is called from the ioc startup script st.pb60.cmd
  • The "C" program that reads parses the bic goal file is bic_read_file.c
  • EPICS Save/Restore Data
  • Unix Host Software

  • EPICS Displays
  • History Data
  • VMS Host Software

  • CVS Directory

  • The goal files are saved on VMS under the code management system (CVS) in the directory ref_goal.
  • Exported NFS Filesystem NFS_PEPII  (visiable from mcc only)

  • The group name is GTW
    The members are:
    Tailored Hosts:  augeas
    PEPII Subnet Hosts: opi00gtw00,opi00gtw01,opi00gtw02,opi04lfb01,opi04lfb02,opi08rfs00,opi12rfs00,opi99rfs02,pepmon,b511
    Development VxWorks Targets:  cdvw1,cdvw3,cdvw5,cdvw7
    Production VxWorks Targets:  bic06pep00,cdvw10
    The production files are moved from the CVS reference directory ref_goal to a directory that is accessible from the gateway via an NFS mount


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