Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator RF Controls


Software Status Report

This page provides the software development status report for NLCTA RF as of June 27, 2001.

Work Completed

VME Hardware
  • All VME and Allen-Bradley modules installed
  • Other Hardware VxWorks EPICS device/driver/record support
  • Timeout software added to the CaenV265ISR. (testing needs tobe done)
  • Generic EPICS VME Card Record added. This provides module information such as status, bus address,status register,etc. This record is used for diagnostic purposes.
  • Merged Lecroy 1176 TDC Waveform device support into VME Card Record.
  • Subroutine record for accelerator structure logic
  • EPICS Database EPICS and SCP Displays EPICS Channel Archiver and VME History Buffering Miscellaneous VMS Work
  • SIP setup
  • Work In Progress

    Work To Do

    Final purchases


    Open Questions

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    Contact: Kristi L. Luchini, Stephanie Allison
    Last modified:  Wednesday June 27, 2001