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Software Status Report

This page provides the software development status report for NLCTA RF as of March 27, 2001.

Work Completed

VME Hardware:
Two VME Crates Arrived and installed
One Caen V265 has arrived (partial order)
VMIC 2534
Lecroy 1176 TDC
MVME 2700
MVME 177
Motorola 712M Transition module (partial order)
Terminal server is installed in NLCTA
Cables for the following VME modules have been made
Replace VSAM firmware with version 3 chip. This fixes a calibration problem.
EPROM for mvme 2700 vxWorks Boot ROM arrived
VxWorks software for the PowerPC mvme2700 has been installed on Unix.
 EPICS device/driver/record support  Installed and tested(68K and V151 PowerPC).
Compressed Record
Archive Record from Bessy
Driver and device support for Allen Bradley 6008 Scanner
Driver,device  and record support support for Allen Bradley DCM 1771
Driver and device support for Joerger VTR 812/10
Driver and device support for Caen V265
Driver and device support for LeCroy 1176 TDC
Driver and device support for VMIC 2534
Driver and device support for VMIC 4100 (not tested)
Driver and device support for VSAM
Added device support for mbbiDirect for VMIC 2534  tobe used by pusle id, digital output.
Added device support for caen V265 ADC Record.
Added trigger counter to caen V265 driver, which will be used for pulse id
Added longinput device support to caen V265 to obtain the pulse id as an unsigned long.
Fast Data Acquisition
Setup db & templates for channels listed on Jan. 18, 2001 NLCTA Functional Requirement  (except DAC)
Fast data acquisition database scheme (first draft)
Examine IOC load at 120Hz  using mvme 177 (ppt doc) using existing EPICS record support.
Design Fast ADC Record and device support to provid a special record storing of all 8-adc channels or raw, conversion data,pulse id,
 and a history of the converted data, and pulse id data. (doc)
Coded 95% FAST ADC Record.

Slow Data Acquisition

Setup Allen-Bradley templates, databases and displays

Work In Progress

1. Order equipment for signal conditioning ECL to NIM, needed for TDC modules.
2. Test  new Fast ADC Record and device support
3. Get TDC hooked up in test environment
4. Finish testing Allen-Bradley database with hardware.
5. Compete fast adc databases (soft channels)

Work To Do

1.  Build EPICS source for the powerPC processor (base,site,app)
2.  Burn VxWorks Boot ROM with file downloaded from Unix
3.  Modify VxWorks Kernal
4.  Load test of Fast Data Acquisition with the mvme2700 cpu
5.  Add fast data acquisition pv's to EPICS displays.
6.  Set reasonable database limits (alarm and operating limits) in databases templates.
7.  Sequence for DAC control of power.
8.  Web page documetation
9.   Check out driver and device support for Joerger VTR 812/10 analog digitizer
10. Save-Restore files
11. Channel Archiver Setup
12. Configuration Files
13. SIP setup

Final purchases
1. Place order for 2 UPS for vxWorks targets
2. Place order addtional Matlab license  (???)
3. Hard disks for data storage (???)
4. Spare VME modules (???)


1.  Back Order
Two Caen V265N (positive polarity) modules, 8-channel gated adc's, are scheduled to arrive mid to late April. The delay is due to the maufacture waiting for components to complete the building of these modules.

2.  Broken Module
The one Caen V265N (negatie polarity) module at SLAC is not function properly andwill be shipped direct to the manufacturer, upon the arrival of at least one of the Caen V265 modules on back order. Arrangements have been made with the manufacture to have a high priority placed on the repair work for this module. A two-day turn around has been estimated for the repair.

3. The VMIC-4100 12-bit 16 Channel DAC has not arrived. The estimated time of arrival is ???

4. Motorola 712M Transition Module part. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT STARTUP

Open Questions

1.  Are additional Matlab licenses needed for NLCTA use or are the existing number of licenses on the gateway enough for pepii and nlcta use? Currently the number of Matlab licenses on the gateway is three.
2. Is additional disk space needed for NLCTA and how much? Have disks been ordered?
3. Do you need to keep all pid and analog data or just the pid and corresponding analog data for error conditions?
4. Do you want to correlate the pid with the analog data saved.
5. The current TDC mode settings are:  Acqusition Mode=Common Start, Trigger Mode=Pulse with each hit, Hit Rising Edge Disabled, Hit Falling Edge Enabled, Common Start Acquisition Timeout=Front Panel (64us max), Aux. Common Hit Disabled. Are these settings correct or should they be changed?
6. What is the conversion from pc to joules?
7. Vacuum channels, need more specifics for channel names.
8. Digital Input channels MOD OK for station 1 and station 2. There are similar channels in the AllenBradley I/O, what is the difference?


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