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  • All data files (.dat) were written on a fault. The data from the  first module looked good. However, the data on all subsequent modules looked like noise.  In addition, the led on the front panel of all of the Joergers were "ON"  all of  time, not just after a fault occurred.  An input signal from card 0, with data that looked good, was swapped with a channel from card 1, a fault was generated and the result was that the data on card 0 looked good and the data from all subsequent modules looked like noise. An known signal (sin wave) was input to a channel on card 1, a fault was generated, the data on card 0 looked good and the the data from the card 1 channel  with a sin wave input, looked as expected. However, all other data looked like noise. The final test done, was to generate a square wave as the input signal to a channel on card 1, generate a fault and then repeate the test on a channel on card 0. The data should look the same, however this test revealed that the square wave (or portion of the square wave) was shifted. Those involved with the test were Mark Ross, Janis Nelson, Joe Frisch,  and Kristi Luchini.


    Digitizer Module Diagnostic Display

    The users can get to this display from the TARF Main display by selecting the TR00 Modus button
    off Station 0, 1 or 2 displays.  Once you are on the TR00 VME Modules display for Slow Data
    Acquisition you can then select any of the buttons labled "DTIZ".

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