Meeting Minutes

3 August 2004

In attendance: J. Nelson (notetaker), T. Lahey, R. Hall, J. Rock, D. Rogind


TR08 died again …

Judy theorizes that it’s the test channel watcher that caused the crash today.  We will check after the meeting.  Janice okayed for Ron to come back before SWE starts debugging.


SLED FDBK through SCP slow feedback

     Janice is working to EPICSify this …


paoutdata mat files compatible with matlab 7?

     Janice had one time it didn’t work.    


MacNair module support of aes

Let’s get a real acquire button first – that triggers all the MacNairs.  Put the button on a tr06 module panel

 (Janice didn’t do this)  Janice will ask Doug about signals into LOTS of channels.


 Bob made it so that the gain in pk-pk volts can be archived as a float.  Just needs to be booted in. Yeah!


2-pack PLC coming in August-ish (yeah right)

(still true) Janice reports: no money till October 1st.

Specification avalanche has occurred.  See: 2 pack section

Estimated installation of mod + klys in August, RF in early September


NLCTA/8-pack summary display

Judy reports that the base version was changed by Steph to allow only 1 zero in the restore, but the save/restore file still has zeros.

Judy is still working on this.


AFG driver code is done

Debbie brought in display for testing AWG.  Janice is going to think about what’s next (and talk to Marc).


HamHands for NLCTA

Janice sent out a spec for 6 SISes in TR00, 3 for each of stations 1 & 2.  Need acquires for these two triplets plus one for MacNair modules.  Once acquires are in, will want relevant processing loops to hit acquire buttons.

(Janice) Reset trips, elog signals/status, more SISes

Janice thinks this is desired within the next few months.


CMLOG clogging

James did some testing.


Reboot IOCs with new directory structure

(still true)  TR00/01 coming soon.


Realm split news

Terri reports that they want to start tomorrow at 10 a.m.  This cmlog’s functions over to gtw04, which includes moving channel watcher, alarm handler, ioc, matlab, archiver.


Beware the various outages next week … (networks, MCC computers, Oracle,