Meeting Minutes

15 June 2004

In attendance: J. Nelson (notetaker), R Chestnut, J Frisch, R Hall, J Rock, D Rogind, J Silva


SLED FDBK through SCP slow feedback

     (still true) It’s not working. Can we run slow feedback with zero gain? Janice is chewing on the data still. 


paoutdata mat files compatible with matlab 7?

     No news just yet.  Bob is looking into it.  Matlab 7 coming end of summer. 


MacNair module support of aes

Judy put packApp into cvs! Wow!  Debbie has it working in the test closet.  Soon to be booted into TR06.  Test signals needed soon.


RMS/BIG requirements for 8-packs structures:  one of these loops for tr06.  If we put macnairs in tr09, there will be another one there.


(Ron will look or send to Janice) Will need to be able to archive the gain and set the gain (internal to module). (need to test with signals)


2-pack PLC coming in August-ish. 

(still true) ~20 signals as yet undefined.  Janice will ask for TP printouts for this PLC too…

Specification creep may occur.  W+W.


NLCTA/8-pack summary display

Trip rate for past 24 hrs.  Ron knows how to do it now.


Reboot trips/60Hz problems

NLCTA folks have finished the circuit.  Steve and his folks are going to modify and install maybe late this week.

Janice and Ron need to have software ready to go after install.


AFG driver code is done

(no new status)  Still waiting for Frisch to deliver an AFG.


Combining archivers

Marc says not for the foreseeable future, especially if we can “fix” the chooser.  Bob will get the chooser stuff for 8pack to Janice.


Matlab/epics 8-pack SLED feedback

Need a separate acquire trigger …

Janice and Joe will sort out which SIS and send names/sis id to Judy & Ron


HamHands for NLCTA

Two acquires in addition to joerger’s for SISes in TR00.  Make it so acquire is hit on fault (for relevant station).

(Janice) Reset trips, elog signals/status, more SISes


CMLOG clogging

James says he’s gonna think about it.  TR00 is the only one having these problems now and it seems to be independent of reboots.


TR08 CPU maxing out

Ron suspects low priority callback routine.  Proc Loop is what’s using this.  We could try getting rid of some of the Pave/min/max calcs for uncritical powers.


Future plans?

Need decree from on-high for scope of 2-pack controls support

Janice will ask when Orion is coming …