Meeting Minutes

13 April 2004

In attendance:  J. Nelson (notetaker), R. Chestnut, J. Frisch, R. Hall, J. Rock, S. Smith


TR07 SIS Status 
working.  Yeah.


SLED FDBK through SCP slow feedback

     Broken broken broken.  Janice sent email to Ed about how he treats the 0s from LabView.


SIS waveforms archived every hour (plus on change)

     (still true) We do want this and around early April.


Database and Displays

Summaries need to catch up.  Displays that are left: adc_calib, et al?


Processing Loop status

Working great.  Everyone is happy happy happy.


macnair module support of aes

(still true)(Debbie’s working on it, Yeah!) There is still a bit more database stuff to install.  RMS/BIG requirements for 8-packs structures: Ron gets to choose which is easier – one loop for all MacNairs in tr09 and tr06, or one loop for each ioc


(Ron will look or send to Janice) Will need to be able to archive the gain and set the gain (internal to module). (potentially different for each module)

Will need to have AES on structures in tunnel April 1stish


PLC checkout



2-pack PLC coming in April-ish. 

(still true) ~20 signals as yet undefined.  Janice will ask for TP printouts for this PLC too…


NLCTA/8-pack summary display

Numbers were connecting, then 8pack structure gradients stopped being calculated.

Janice & Ron will look after the meeting


Requests to not lose

-all three target powers now exist.  Thanks, Judy!


Archiver list for proc loop things

Judy thinks it’s done.  Janice will send pv list to Judy.


Reboot trips


Ron says every time the proc loop processes (ADC triggers) it sets the deadman to 1 and 0 when it’s done.

It seems intermittent on a scope.  Probably from proc loop not running at 60 Hz.

Steve is going to think about a hardware fix so 0 volts isn’t full power/full pulse width.

Joe is going to think about how to make a 1/10Hz deadman that looks for a deadman signal within last 0.1 second otherwise turns off RF.


AFG driver code is done

Ron asked to add this to the list.  Need to decide what to do next.  Plan to ignore till 4/26.  Joe will lend a module to the 2nd floor for testing.  Joe imagines we will want to write the function waveform from matlab, which will eventually read in SIS data and decide what to do.  This code will probably be EPICSed later.