Meeting Agenda

6 April 2004

In attendance:  J. Nelson (notetaker), R. Chestnut, R. Hall, J. Rock


TR07 SIS Status 
Latest mods to LLRF SISes were bad.  One has been fixed and seems to be working now and is in tr07 dtz1.  The rest are at the shop.  Hopefully we’ll get some tomorrow and the rest the day after that.
Odd, but low priority, software things include: pts in waveforms being hard coded and the time wf (for the x axes) isn’t quite right.

Judy (and Ron) are sorting through triggering the llrf sis in tr09 from tr07.


SLED FDBK through SCP slow feedback

     (still true) Ed did a wonderful job creating this, but unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to test it yet (hardware problems/tests).  4/1st probably.

Janice has sent Ed a warning email that this is coming soon.  Ed says it should just work.


SIS waveforms archived every hour (plus on change)

     (still true) We do want this and around early April.


Database and Displays

Many more displays are done.  Summaries need to catch up.


Processing Loop status

Processing Loop status – It’s very close.  Ron made good progress, and Steph is sorting through the remaining issues.  Hopefully soon we’ll be able to test it again.


macnair module support of aes

(still true)(no new news until proc loop done)Basic database is there and works now in TR09 and TR06.  (yeah)  Then Ron has a bit more database stuff to install.  RMS/BIG requirements for 8-packs structures: Ron gets to choose which is easier – one loop for all MacNairs in tr09 and tr06, or one loop for each ioc


Will need to be able to archive and set the gain (internal to module). (potentially different for each module)

Will need to have AES on structures in tunnel April 1stish


PLC checkout






2-pack PLC coming in April-ish. 

(still true) ~20 signals as yet undefined.  Janice will ask for TP printouts for this PLC too…


NLCTA/8-pack summary display

Progress this week: Ron got the databases booted in.  Janice finished the panel mods.  James got it up on the CUD.  Jingchen now captures the image and puts it in web accessible location.  Janice wrote a webpage to display it.

What’s left: the power numbers still aren’t connecting as we’d expect.  Ron and Steph are looking into.  After this, we anticipate the rest of the numbers propagating through.


Requests to not lose

-Target Power on trs8 (trs1 & 2 too?)  …Judy made one for TRS8.  Janice hasn’t looked at it yet.  We’ll certainly be using it soon after the proc loop goes.  Janice will add it to the proc input panel and finish up the matlab to use it.


Archiver list for proc loop things

Janice will work with Bob and Judy to get the final list for proc loopy things.