Meeting Agenda

30 March 2004

In attendance:  J. Nelson (notetaker), R. Chestnut, J. Frisch, R. Hall, J. Rock,


Timetable for Checkout 
hardware & software checkout is ongoing.  SISes don’t read out (LJH working on it) and a few cables were swapped.  Otherwise peak pwrs and energies reading out.

     Processing Loop needed Monday, April 5 time early. (Ron out of town 4/2-4.)


Slow archiver? 
Bob did a few tests and it seems okok.


Secret Decoder Ring 
Judy finished this up.  Thank you!  It’s very nice.


SLED FDBK through SCP slow feedback

     (still true) Ed did a wonderful job creating this, but unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to test it yet (hardware problems/tests).  4/1st probably.

Janice has sent Ed a warning email that this is coming soon.  Ed says it should just work.


SIS waveforms archived every hour (plus on change)

     (still true) We do want this and around early April.


Database and Displays

LLRF PWRs and ENs now in database and look good.  Only a few more displays to change (3 or 4).


Processing Loop status

Processing Loop status – is truly ongoing.  Hopefully some progress this week.

Janice and Ron double checked the specification for inputs.  Ron is working furiously.


macnair module support of aes

(still true)(no new news until proc loop done)Basic database is there and works now in TR09 and TR06.  (yeah)  Then Ron has a bit more database stuff to install.  RMS/BIG requirements for 8-packs structures: Ron gets to choose which is easier – one loop for all MacNairs in tr09 and tr06, or one loop for each ioc


Will need to be able to archive and set the gain (internal to module). (potentially different for each module)

Will need to have AES on structures in tunnel April 1stish


PLC checkout

(still true) Janice is finished preparing the list. She hopes to start doing some of the checkout this week.



So much progress!  Judy made databases, Janice made panels, Janice modified the DCM code, and did a quick check that important values match those on the touch screen.


2-pack PLC coming in April-ish. 

(still true) ~20 signals as yet undefined.  Janice will ask for TP printouts for this PLC too…


NLCTA/8-pack summary display

(still true) Ron said James is working to debug problems making the dm display a CUD.  Once the DB is in place (2nd priority after the proc loop), Janice will do final tweaks to the display and we’ll be ready for CUDification.


Requests to not lose

-Target Power on trs8 (trs1 & 2 too?) proc loop input panel (user enterable real, cmlog on change, save/restored)