8-pack control system working group Meeting Notes

29 July 2003


In attendance: R. Chestnut, R. Hall, K. Kim, J. Nelson, J. Rock

Note taker/typer: J. Nelson


Today’s agenda:



*trickle down of SLED and phase distrib numbers

      Janice will create a draft of the algorithm to be approved by Andy and Steve soon

*AB/EPICS check out plans

      Janice reported that modulator guys are going to be busy this week and in all likelihood this checkout will be delayed until after 8/13 when Janice returns from vacation.



*purple status from AB

      Judy will write a little code to watch for purple status on some select PVs, which she and Janice will identify.

*specify %saturated routine for AES waveforms

      Janice gave the equations to Ron and Kukhee who will implement

*save sensor number instead of module and channel information for the largest rms

      Kukhee said this has been done for weeks and is on development and Janice forgot to check it.  Janice suggested Kukhee move it over to production and we’ll watch it to make sure it’s ok.

*cmlog not so useful after mod 1 fire

      Janice and Judy will check to make sure alarm handler and channel watcher are doing the right thing for nlcta, as the cmlog contained minimal useful information from the night of the fire.



Janice committed to looking for missing 8pack variables and will double check with Steve Smith to make sure they don’t want to keep any of the 8pack SIS waveforms from a while ago


From before:

SWE is ready to test processing loop with real signals.  Sounds like there might not be time to test the loop until the next set of loads are installed.


Steve reported that the LLRF calibration will be done in matlab.  Will need SWE support to add buttons to the EPICs panels to call these.



-Once the RMS calcs for nlcta AES waveforms is set, we’ll migrate the code for the 8-pack AES

-(no change) We deferred the following: longer term issue: what to do if reading out an SIS when a fault occurs?




-Still waiting on Cassel but we’re making a list...

-(no change) We’re currently waiting for Dick’s setup to settle down then we’ll do one more iteration of getting list, changing database, changing panels, programming the dcm, changing alarm handler and archive stuff as needed


DAC/ADC Issues

All of these issues are for sooner see the comment above:

- The trickle down of the SLED variables.  This was specified at a previous meeting (numbers on SLED panel need to trickle down to I/Q and A/P PVs).  For processing, we might want this feature functional sooner rather than later. 

-The trickle down of the variables on the power distribution panel as well.  There are 4 PVs there called Klystron Sled-in phases.  These need to trickle down to the phase DACs as well.  This phase is to be added to the channel phase angle (IQ calib panel) and to the timestep phase before going out to the DAC.



-The SW for the deadman is done.  Is the hardware done?


Peak Power Meter (PPM)

-Janice reported that both PPMs are hooked up to labview, though it’s not running all the time during commissioning and load processing.

-Tonee has yet to write the labview code to retrieve the scope waveforms, but is working on it.

-Only the PPA PARMs were being archived.  Janice gave the new list to Judy/Bob.  Once the waveform retrieval is working, we’ll add those PVs to the archive list.

-Janice will teach llrf how to get at archived data and panel.



-(no change) On going: Need to check out readback with real signals, check archiving of variables (pwr, pmin, pmax, etc), and check the plots.


Archiving of SISs

Need to ask Joe about the following:

-(no change) Later SWE will work with Joe on his other two requests: archive every few minutes and when a change occurs in a selected set of values in EPICS (a pseudo-trip if you will)