8-pack control system working group meeting

28 January 2002

In attendance: Chestnut, Kim, Nelson, Rock, S Smith

Notes by: J Nelson


(This look a lot like last week’s, but the contents are different.  I promise.  Unchanged contents are prefaced with (no change).)



-Progress from Kukhee: Critical work is done, a little minor work is left to do.



-Steve would like 5 DAC channels to be accessible with enter numbers or slider bars on a panel.  These would be one for pulse width, and 4 for attenuation control for the four klystrons.  These are in the first DAC in the crate.  The pulse width goes from 0 to –10 (0=wide, -10 = narrow), the rest go from 0 to 8 with 8 being lots of attenuation.  Steve said that dac ch0 is klys 4 attenuation, ch1 = klys3, ch2=klys2, ch1=klys1, ch4 = pulse width.  Once SWE decides on names for these five PVs, Janice will make a panel.  Ultimately these will be controlled by the processing loop.



DAC/ADC Issues

-No progress on Phase wraparound.  TBD.  Previously it was decided that one could input any number but then it’d be given the equivalent value between +/- 180.

-TBD: The trickle down of the SLED variables.  This was specified at a previous meeting (numbers on SLED panel need to trickle down to I/Q and A/P PVs).  For processing, we might want this feature functional sooner rather than later. 

-TBD: the trickle down of the variables on the power distribution panel as well.  There are 4 PVs there called Klystron Sled-in phases.  These need to trickle down to the phase DACs as well.  This phase is to be added to the channel phase angle (IQ calib panel) and to the timestep phase before going out to the DAC.



-Ron will email Andrew about the three bits for the multiplexer to find out which is the least significant bit.

-the multiplexer selectors are on the IQA module panel which seems to have disappeared.  Judy will investigate the missing pack_iqa_module.dl file.

-SWE will make a PV for a temporary DIO channel as a reset to Joe Frisch’s kludge RE Interlock.  They will send the name to Janice who will put a button on the panel with the pulse width and the klystron attenuation.  Its DIO channel assignment should be on Andrew’s previously sent list.

-Ron said that as default, on IPL, the mux select for all four IQAs will come up as channel 0.

-Andrew said he’d fix the slow rise time problem (no report)

-(no change) The following item was deferred for a few weeks:

LLRF + NLCTA Ops need to sort out what the LLRF enable and the mod off buttons do



SCP Configs

-Janice reported that the config areas and values to be saved that LLRF folks requested have been implemented, panels made, etc.  She took calibration values from old saved configs and put them in new files in the appropriate calib directories.  If there are problems, please let her know.



-Kukhee reported that all the waveform records have been created (but not all the fanouts).  Judy will get a list of these to Janice who will send out a list of which of these are to be archived.

-The acquire button stops all the digitizers and gets their data.  Then the plot buttons will show the new data.

-(no change) We deferred the following: longer term issue: what to do if reading out an SIS when a fault occurs?

-(no change) Right now the SISs are paused and read out with a user request only.  A read when a fault happens will also be added to this.



-Ron will check to see if the list so far of 8-pack variables to be archived are indeed being archived.  He will also check on the browser chooser and the switchover to Oracle.


-Janice will send a list of waveforms to be archived to Bob et al (see first item until SISs above)

-ways of accessing archived waveforms was discussed.  Ron is hoping Bob will create a matlab routine such that matlab users can call it and provide start/stop times and which PVs, and fetch the data this way.  Other ways are fetching the waveforms with the archive browser and saving to matlab or using Bob’s unix line command to dump the data to a file.

-(no change) SWE plans to implement the following two features requested by LLRF (Joe’s email):

have waveforms archived on (1) every trip and (2) when an acquire is done by a user

-(no change) Later SWE will work with Joe on his other two requests: archive every few minutes and when a change occurs in a selected set of values in EPICS (a pseudo-trip if you will)



-Steve reported that the IQA channels are correct but the time steps are backwards.  Kukhee will swap the 0-15 assignment (again).



-Each IQA channel has 6 or 7 calibration numbers that are module dependent.  Gain/offset I,Q, quadrature angle and overall phase.  These numbers are used to change the SIS waveforms from I/Q to A/P.  These numbers will go on the IQA module panel. 

-Steve will email the equations for this calculation

-Kukhee needs to change the SIS converter subrecord and new PVs need to be created.

-Once names are decided upon, Janice can make the panel

-These 6 (or 7) numbers x 8 channels x 4 IQAs need to be archived at least once every 10 minutes.  The panel interface could just be one table for each IQA with 8 rows for the 8 channels and 6 columns with the calibration variables.


Processing algorithm

-(no change) Ron and Kukhee reported that the work is ongoing


Peak Power Meter (PPM)

-Janice sent a list of desired variables for the PPMs to Ron.  Once he decides on names, then she can make panels and Tonee can change the Labview program.  The database also needs to be created (obviously)

-The descriptive string needs to be recorded in some fashion (error log, cmlog, alarm handler, archiver, etc).  Ron will look into this.  (This string will ideally hold some descriptive text about what physical signal is being input to that PPM channel.)

-(no change) Tonee will tweak the labview program to send the waveform to epics once we have names

-(no change) Tonee and Janice will set up the necessary hardware in ESB (Enet box, cables, etc)

-Janice will make new panels once names have been decided. 



-(no change) We’re currently waiting for Dick’s setup to settle down then we’ll do one more iteration of getting list, changing database, changing panels, programming the dcm, changing alarm handler and archiver stuff as needed



-Judy reported the crate profiles on the web are updated and look good.  Janice requested that channel assignment information also be available via the web, even it it’s just a link to the template file.  Judy and Ron will look into this.

-Ron will email Bob Fuller about the dead man switch for 8-pack.  Janice requested that a bypass be incorporated into the design

-Janice talked with NLCTA Ops and determined that the readback of the bucking coil doesn’t have to be any different from the other PLC readbacks.

-(no change) we deferred the following:

-public/private matlab issues to be resolved at a later date

-LLRF needs to decide what the reset button does.

-Judy fulfilled Steve’s request that the digits after the decimal points on the phase panel go away.



Sort task list by person


Ron (and otherwise unassigned SWE tasks):

-email Bob Fuller about the dead man switch

-PVs/database for 5 dac channels (pulse width, attenuation)

-PV/database for DIO reset of Joe Frisch’s kludge RE Interlock

-phase wraparound

-trickle down of sled variables

-trickle down of phase variables

-email Andrew about the DIO bit order for the IQA multiplexer

-check status of 8-pack PVs being archived and the browser chooser.

-check status of switchover to Oracle archiver database

-database/PVs for 6 channels of calibration numbers for each IQA channel (also connect to Kukhee’s SIS converter subroutine)

-processing algorithm

-PVs/database for PPM variables

-save of descriptive name for PPM channels



-finish waveform PV work

-swap VSTEP channel assignments (again)



-once names are set, make panel with 5 dac channels (pulse width and attenuation) and the DIO reset of Joe Frisch’s kludge RE Interlock

-send list of waveforms to archive

-panel for 6 calib numbers for each IQA channel

-PPM panel, work with Tonee on PPM labview and hardware



-check into making module channel assignments available on the web as well as the crate profiles

-investigate missing pack_iqa_module.dl panel

-provide list to Janice of all waveforms in the database




-DIO slow rise time problem fixed?

-email equation for the 6 calibration numbers for each IQA channel