8-pack control system working group meeting

17 December 2002

In attendence: Chestnut, Kim, Luchini, Nelson, Rock

Notes by: J Nelson


Generic agenda was status of the following:


PLC Checkout

LLRF SW module support

LLRF databases

Other progress this past week


Progress reports:

Kukhee: the SIS software is working.The button to create the plot of the data pauses the digitizer to acquire the data and restarts its data taking.Itís not clear if we need the Waveform Acquire button anymore or not.


The ADC + DAC modules work.The DAC database exists for klystrons 5&6 (but not 7&8 yet) and Kristi is still working on the ADC database.


Janice reported that in the 8-pack 10am meeting this morning Joe gave the good news of 100MW out of the 2 klystrons on the stand and that klystrons 7&8 will be installed this week.This means the databases for klystrons 7&8 will be needed early in January.

Janice spoke with Rusty, who will ask Dick Cassel for another PLC printout this week.


Janice fixed up (and double checked) the SCP epics configs for the 8-pack PVs this past week.Ron and Kristi pointed out there may be some problems with the loading of epics configs as well as other problems if the templates contain too many PVs.Janice will check the basic load function to see what problems exist.


Judy reported that Alan Hill finished the DCM change, though thereís a small error with the last 9 words (in the O table).She fixed up the channel watchers for klystrons 7&8, but is waiting on the alarm handler until next year.

There was some discussion about the save/restore files for across an IOC boot.Judy said she would look into this.


Ron asked Janice about the archiver.She reported that Lee Ann was still having problems with the waveform stuff so they hadnít met about that yet.However, Lee Ann asked Janice for a list of PVs for archiving.Judy will help generate files of all the aiís, aoís, and astsís in the IOCs for archiving.All the PVs can be saved periodically, not when their values change.


Ron will pull together a list of the missing databases.The known missing databases are those for DIO and the ADCs.


Topics for next meeting which is scheduled for January 7th:

PLC checklist

ADC database

Save/restore files

DIO database?Are there problems hiding out with 24V channels or strange jumper setups?