If you want to load the following CAML pages and you do not have the epics plug-in installed you need to be on the SLAC public network and,
1) Click on the link for the web page you want to see. This will give you a message on top telling you that you have to install missing plugins
2) Click on the install missing plug-in button and a dialog box will pop up saying that no appropriate plug-ins were found. Click on the manual install button on this panel. After clicking on this you can click on 'Finish'.
3) Another dialog box will pop up asking you to save webcainstaller.exe. Once you click save it will be downloaded onto your computer (default download folder).
4) Close all open Firefox windows.If you do not do so a dialogue box will pop up asking if you want it to close it for you. Click yes if you want the installation to proceed
5) Run webcainstaller.exe (needs admin priviledges) This installs epics executables, sets your environment variables and puts the npca.dll in the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugin folder. If you do not have admin rights a dialogue box will pop up and tell you the installation will fail!
6) Now you can restart firefox and load the CAML page.