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This page describes the possible publishing locations for ESD Software documentation.

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There are three possible Web servers on which you can choose to place your document.  They are: AFS,, and  You may place your documentation on one or all of these servers.  To edit a page in AFS, you can use Macromedia Contribute or a Unix text editor.  To edit a page on www-group or webmcc, you can use Macromedia Contribute, Microsoft Word (if the document was originally a Word document), or Microsoft Front Page.

AFS (/afs/slac/grp/cd/soft/html/)

Documentation should be placed in a top level functional folder or one of the functional folders for the project.  Create a hyperlink from the index.html page of each functional folder to your document.  The functional folders located in the top level of our directory structure, as well as in each project and sub-project folder are as follows:

ug : User Guides--end-user guides.
pg : Programmer Guides--developer guides.
req : Requirements
design : Design documents
hw : Hardware
admin: Administrative project documentation (e.g. status reports, meeting minutes, etc.)
how-to : General how-to documentation

ioc: General IOC documentation

db: General database documentation

css: Cascading Style Sheets for Web pages
script: Client side scripts for use with Web pages

This is a public Microsoft IIS server maintained by SCS, not physically located in MCC.  In other words, if we were to disconnect from the SLAC network, we would lose connectivity to this server.  Currently there are no plans to mirror these documents to webmcc.  The functional folders listed above will be placed on this server.

This is a SLAC-only Microsoft IIS server located in our IFZ (Internet-Free Zone) maintained by SCS, but physically located in MCC.  Documentation should be placed in one of the functional folders listed above or in one of the functional folders for the project.

Programmers' Guides, Users' Guides, Requirements, Design, Papers, Administration, How-To, Hardware, IOC, Database

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