Software Group Web Documentation

1. The publishing locations of our web repository the web servers that should be used now, and those which will no longer be used graphic representation

2. The base directories on those servers which are being used, and how to access them

a. AFS: directly from Unix or via Contribute

b. www-group: via MS Internet Explorer and MS FrontPage, or directly from FrontPage

c. webmcc: via MS Internet Explorer and MS Frontpage, or directly from FrontPage

3. The new standard directory structure to be used on those servers, which provides a way to navigate to any given
document either through its project, such as "PEPII EPICS" or through its document type, such as "Programmer's Guide"

4. The use of new scripts for creating new web pages that support the new directory structure

a. mkweb

b. mkindexpage

c. mkpage

5. How to use Macromedia Contribute to write and publish pages easily to any of our servers, and using built in templates for our web pages

6. Using Microsoft Word to publish to our servers

7. Using FrontPage to publish to our servers

8. Our new Home Pages, and plans for their development

9. What document writers need to know about the Mirroring of our AFS web pages, in the event that AFS is unavailable