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E-Log for Operations Meeting 01-06-2004 11:00 /MCC


SWE (Clark, Hall, De Contreras) met with Operations (Colocho) to discuss progress made since the last meeting (12-16-2004):


1)    Bob Hall has asked Theo Larrieu of JLab if he could implement items from the list of the 12 enhancements requested by Operations.  Theo seems receptive to the request, but noted that some of the requests are SLAC specific, so a configuration file would be used.


2)   Bob has changed the main E-Log page so that searches on any combination of the log books can be performed and viewed simultaneously.  Previously, users could search on only one log or all logs.

3)   Bob reports that much work has been completed for automatic entries into the log (e.g. software releases).

4)   Currently, Bob is also working on the shift header form, which will be a new type of log entry.  William indicated that the fact that these entries cannot be back-timestamped to the exact shift change time might be of concern to others in Operations.

5)   William pointed out that the COW workstation interface could be of higher priority than the web-based enhancements.  Operators will need the ability to make entries from a COW before the E-Log can be put into production.