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This web page gives links to public documents describing the "Correlation Plots" accelerator physics application program. 

Correlation Plots is a high level application program in the SLAC accelerator control system, which helps physicists and operators to easily make correlative experiments among control system parameters and data points. It was first conceptualized and written in the late 1980s by Julian Kupiek and Miguel Flores. Since then it has undergone significant and continuous development by many programmers.

Correlation Plots is heavily embedded into the SLC and B-factory control systems. Physics applications both use it, and Correlation Plots itself uses applications of the control systems. This deep integration makes it very useful, but makes it difficult to make a meaningful download for other laboratories.

Design Documents

Basic Design Description, Greg White, Mar 1995
Correlation Plots Arithmetic Functional Req, Greg White, June 1993
Correlation Plots Arithmetic "Index Panel" User Guide, Greg White, Dec 1993
Correlation Plots Arithmetic System Spec, Greg White, June 1993

Conference Proceedings

Correlation Plot Facility in the SLC Control System, By L. Hendrickson, N. Phinney, L. Sanchez-Chopitea, S. Clark (SLAC). SLAC-PUB-5685, Nov 1991. 3pp.
Presented at Int. Conf. on Accelerators and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, Tsukuba, Japan, Nov 11-15, 1991.
Published in Tsukuba ICALEPCS 1991:493-495 (QCD183:I585:1991)

Future Directions

Experiment Manager Proposal, (pdf) Greg White, June 2000

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