Bringing up the Browser from the MCC  VMS  Host

This page tells you how to bring up the CMLOG browser from a VMS machine. On MCC, the production CMLOG browser is started. On MCCDEV, the development CMLOG browser is started.

There are two ways to bring up the CMLOG browser from MCC. One lets you push a button on a SCP. The other lets you invoke a command procedure from the command line. Additionally, you can also start the CMLOG browser from unix by logging into any unix AFS based machine as described on the page "How to run the broswer on unix" off the main cmlog page.

To bring up CMLOG from a botton on a SCP, follow these steps:

pepii(main) index --> Special Display --> CMLOG
pepii(main)index --> High Energy Ring Panel --> HER LFB panel --> CMLOG

To bring up CMLOG from a command procedure, follow these steps:

Only one hop is supported (ssh or set host). That means you can't ssh to MCCDEV and then ssh to  MCC  and then execute the command procedure for example.

If there are any problems, feel free to email Ron MacKenzie at

1. Set the display on the terminal which is logged into VMS. For example:

        $set display/create/

Note: Do Not Put 0.0 after the node name in the previous command.

2. Execute this command procedure.



SLAC Last modified: 25-Apr- 2000 by Ron MacKenzie