from Ron MacKenzie November 2005

Greg's jcmlog 1.0 wish list (good ideas here!).

These are possible improvements to the jcmlog (java) browser improvements for version 2.0 of the browser
Some of these ideas are also listed on the 2.0 overall cmlog wish list.

Browser title settable in config file.

Add the ability to have a title (top bar/line of window) in the config file that would appear in the window heading.

Can we make it start faster?

Stop button stops Search

I did a day long search on gtw00 (a really long search). Pushing the stop button didn't cancel the query. This is important to have working for when users accidently enter long queries.

Copy with mouse

Add the ability to copy text into the past buffer using the mouse like you can with other x-applications. (i.e. copy a whole line for a single message (or multiple messages) from browser into paste buffer.

Greg Adds: We're all agreed that what we're aiming for is intuitive use, so ctrl-c ctrl-v will work, plus be available from the edit menu.

c/r launches query

When one hits c/r after entering a string in the dialog box (at either the update or query pull down options): it should launch the query or update (having the same effect as hitting ok at that point). Also, hitting c/r after putting in time should have same effect.

Add real browser help

Add content to the help button on the browser. Also, could add context sensitive help for all menu items. Help would also be available at command line (jcmlog -h). There are existing web pages that would provide a starting point for help.

Support all command line options like the motif browser

jcmlog -u (update) is one example.

Save current field widths in config file (save from browser)

Provide web interface to browser

Run a script / beep when a condition occurs. ***

Steph. brought up this interesting idea.
The ability to run a script when a given condition occurs (like severity>2).
The ability to send email if a given condition occurs.
A way to indicate a beep or other sound if a condition occurs. The script itself could do the beeping and emailing and whatever else based on arguments passed to it - so cmlogrc would have script_name and script_args (our dm execute-scripts do this type of thing).
One approach would be to provide a field in codeConversion (cmlogrc) in addition to color.
4 Fatal Red Flash Script_name Beep email_address
But a different approach would be needed for the ablility to do something given a search string. A new verb (or addition to updateMessage) might do the trick.

Browser auto-reconnect after cmlogServer bounced.

Provide a way for the browser to automatically try reconnecting to the server after the server has gone away. This could be controlled through the cmlogrc file, giving an option like: auto_reconnect_time = 60. The 60 is the time between retries. If nothing is specified for this option, then it works like it does now (with no retries).

Browser -icon flag.

Add support for -icon flag which would cause the browser to come up iconized.

Browser -background flag.

Add support for a -background flag which causes the browser to come up behind x-applications that are already on the display. By default it comes up in front of them.

The browser backspace key doesn't work right on Search and Update dialog boxes. It gobbles characters on at least some terminals

Search multiple values in one field(tag)

On the browser Search menu, make it possible to ask for multiple values for a given field (like Message has "foo" or "bar"). Also support "and"

Search one value across all fields(tag)

On the browser Search menu (and update menu), provide a way to ask if the value is in one or more fields, then, the line is displayed. This is like vms errlog where you can say "string=" and it searches all fields for the string. Thanks to Mike for mentioning this.

Advanced Idea from Jie Chen. ***

1) Allow a browser to connect to multiple servers. The browser can be operated in two modes. One in automatic mode which means the browser uses broadcast mechanism to find a cmlogServer. The other mode is to allow operator or a configuration file to select multiple servers for a particular display window. (RonM wonders if it would be possible to be connected to multiple servers at the same time and browse across all those servers).


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