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This page provides documentation for users and programmers of AIDA's SLC Database Provider. SLC Database provides data from the database values in the SLC Control System. It also allows the setting of float scalar database values.

See Also: Basic Users Guide to Aida, REF_AIDASHR; AIDA SLC Peer Programmers Guide

Users Guide

This section describes what an AIDA user should know about accessing SLC Database data through AIDA. For general information on using AIDA see Basic Users Guide to Aida, and the Aida javadoc, in particular the classes DaObject and DaReference (and DaReference's parent _DaReference) in aida.lib.da which form Aida's programming interface. One can also use Matlab.

Table 1: Summary of AIDA Data Provider for SLC Database Data

Acquires data for the named SLC device from the SLC database. Also allows setting of float scalar database values.
Status and limitations Simple database retrieval of values is complete (retrieval using primary, micro, unit, and secondary names). Retrieval for one special case has been implemented: the retrieval of values for analog devices specified by micro, component, and attribute name. Retrieval of values for digital devices specified by primary, micro, unit, and component names has not yet been implemented. Storage of values has only been implemented for scalar float secondaries.
Plan Implement the digital devices special case described above. Also allow the setting of other data types in addition to float secondary database values.

Schematic Java examples, see for more examples:
String query = "XCOR:LI03:120//LEFF";
DaReference r = new DaReference(query, da);
DaValue v = da.getDaValue(query);

String query = "XCOR:LI31:41//BCON"; /* Indication of set value operation. */
Float floatValue = new Float(5.0f); /* Specified desired value. */
DaValue inData = new DaValue(floatValue); /* Creation of DaValue to hold floatValue. */
da.setDaValue(query, inData); /* Perform set BCON value operation (no value is returned). */
Java $CD_SOFT/ref/package/aida/test/java/
Matlab $CD_SOFT/ ref/package/aida/test/matlab/slcDbSetDemo.m

Types Description
Get Syntax <prim>:<micr>:<unit>//<secn>
Examples XCOR:LI03:120//LEFF
Set Syntax <prim>:<micr>:<unit>//<secn>


Instance Attributes
Attribute Description
<secn> Gets SLC db device data for a named device (d).
Methods Name* Returns
getDaValue(d) DaValue contains a matrix having one or more values. At present, the type of the value must be explicitly set before retrieving data with DaValue (see the Java example above). Extract the array with methods of java.util.Vector such as get() (which DaValue extends).
get(d,DaValue.Types.FLOAT) a float value
get(d,DaValue.Types.DOUBLE) a double value
get(d,DaValue.Types.BYTE) a byte value
get(d,DaValue.Types.SHORT) a short value
get(d,DaValue.Types.INT) an integer value
get(d,DaValue.Types.LONG) a long value
get(d,DaValue.Types.BOOLEAN) a boolean value
get(d,DaValue.Types.CHAR) a character value
get(d,DaValue.Types.STRING) a string value
geta(d,DaValue.Types.FLOATA) an array of float values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.DOUBLEA) an array of double values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.BYTEA) an array of byte values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.SHORTA) an array of short values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.INTA) an array of integer values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.LONGA) an array of long values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.BOOLEANA) an array of boolean values
geta(d,DaValue.Types.CHARA) an array of character values
Parameters None
<secn> Sets the value of a float scalar secondary in the SLC database. The parameter data argument (p) is a DaValue containing a Float with the desired value.
Methods Name* Returns
setDaValue(q, p) No data is returned.
Parameters None

* See DaObject and DaReference (and DaReference's parent _DaReference) in aida.lib.da for full API and method signatures.

Programmers Guide

The SLC Database Data Provider is a provider in the AIDA SLC Peer (along with the SLC History Data Provider, the SLC Model Data Provider, the SLC BPM Data Provider, the SLC Magnet Data Provider, the SLC Multiknob Data Provider, the SLC Master Oscillator Data Provider, and the SLC Klystron Data Provider). Development of all these data providers is described in a Programmers Guide here.

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Author:  Bob Hall 10-Dec-2004
Modified by: Bob Hall 25-Apr-2006, Add information about new capability to retrieve analog status information by channel name.