Class DpModelServer

  extended by edu.stanford.slac.aida.dp.dpModel.DpModelServer

public class DpModelServer
extends java.lang.Object

The AIDA Model Server Data Provider server main class. This is the entry point "main" for the "new" AIDA Model data prover - the one replacing the old AIDA model server, which returned the Dimad model. This new one returns model data from the LCLS Relational Database, computed by XAL modelling. This class implements a CORBA server which then joins the Aida network and implements the standard Aida interface for data server.It has been constructed automatically from an AidaObjectI CORBA Interface defined in AidaObjectI.idl. The server has to be started (see st.DpModelServer) for aida to get model data.

Greg White (greg) 2-July-2008.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String SERVERNAME
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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public static final java.lang.String SERVERNAME
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public DpModelServer()
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)