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Channel Archiver Data Source (CHADS).


This page describes historical aspects of the AIDA Channel Archiver Data Source (CHADS).


Since CHADS was orginally written, AIDA data sources started being called data providers. But, we still call it CHADS because CHADS is such a fun acronym, and CHADP looks funny.

The CHADS Data Provider then, is summarized elsewhere in the now standard form for AIDA Data Porviders. This page is intended to link mainly to historical documents.

History, Requirements, and Design

CHADS dpTestHist GrenAIDA-newLabour Release - History of CHADS and details of the dpTestHist under the newLabour AIDA release.

CHADS dpChads GrenAIDA-newLabour Release - dpChads (the real Chads AIDA server) under the newLabour AIDA. Includes current task list

Operational Pages

How to Make and Run the lastest release of Chads

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