Stanford Linear Accelerator Center



The summer session of SLAC Pilates and Yoga starts the week of June 28, and is now open for registration. The session ends September 17. Stanford HIP is now running our program, so we have online registration. We still have the same great teachers, and reasonable prices.


Classes are conveniently located in the SLAC exercise room in building 27. We have had great turnouts for these classes, but we need to have a minimum number of attendees so that we can continue to offer them. So if you are thinking about taking Pilates or Yoga, join us this summer.


You can register online, or via US Mail with the HIP registration form in the back of the HIP booklet. You need the following class code to register.


      Class Name            HIP code (fee) for      HIP code (fee)    Time & #classes

                                      Stanford  Faculty        for Stanford

                                      & Staff                         Community                                                                        


  SLAC Monday Pilates      pi-03a  ($42)         pi-03b  ($55)     5:15  - 10 classes:

                                                                                                       no class 7/5 & 9/6


  SLAC Wed Pilates           pi-04a  ($50)          pi-04b  ($65)    5:15 - 12 classes


  SLAC Friday Yoga           y-03a   ($50)          y-03b   ($65)   noon - 12 classes



For online registration/payment:

 Click on the "HIP Classes" (in the left column)

 Click on "Click Here to Register" (in the top box)

 Under "All Classes (using Check or Credit Card)"

 Click on "Register Here ..."

 Enter information, including the HIP class code listed above (note that the HIP codes are lower case).


You can print a HIP registration form:

 Click on the "HIP Classes" (in the left column) 

 Click on "Registration Form" (in the second box - Printable Course Schedule and Registration Form)


Owner: Terri Lahey