AAC 2006

AARD437 Christopher M.S. Sears, Robert L. Byer, Eric R. Colby, Benjamin M. Cowan, Rasmus Ischebeck, Melissa R. Lincoln, Tomas Plettner, Robert H. Siemann, James E. Spencer Beam Coupling to Optical Scale Accelerating Structures AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 437K
AARD438 J.F. Schmerge , J. Castro, J.E. Clendenin, E. Colby, D.H. Dowell, S.M. Gierman, H. Loos, M. Nalls, and W. White In-situ Cleaning of Metal Photo-Cathodes in RF Guns AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 64K
AARD439 J. W. Wang, J. E. Clendenin, E. R. Colby, R. A. Miller, and J. W. Lewellen The RF Design of an HOM Polarized RF Gun for the ILC AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 439K
AARD440 Eric Colby and Pietro Musumeci Report of the Electromagnetic-Structure Based Accelerator Concepts Working Group AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 440K
AARD441 Neil Kirby, David Auerbach, Melissa Berry, Ian Blumenfeld, Christopher E. Clayton, Franz-Josef Decker, Mark J. Hogan, Chengkun Huang, Rasmus Ischebeck, Richard Iverson, Devon Johnson, Chandrashekhar Joshi, Thomas Katsouleas, Wei Lu, Kenneth A. Marsh, Warren B. Mori, Patric Muggli, Erdem Oz, Robert H. Siemann, Dieter Walz, and Miaomiao Zhou Energy Measurements of Trapped Electrons from a Plasma Wakefield Accelerator AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 441K
AARD442 B. Cowan Optical Damage Threshold of Silicon for Ultrafast Infrared Pulses SLAC-PUB-12089 (Aug 2006) AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 206K
AARD443 B. Cowan Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Laser-Driven Accelerator Structures SLAC-PUB-12090 (Aug 2006)  AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 388K
AARD444 Ian Blumenfeld et al Electron Bunch Length Measurements in the E-167 Plasma Wakefield Experiment AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 544K
AARD445 Melissa Lincoln, Rasmus Ischebeck, Robert Noble, Robert Siemann Experimental Work With Photonic Band Gap Fiber: Building A Laser Electron Accelerator AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 2000K
AARD446 Tomas Plettner, Robert L. Byer, Eric R. Colby, Benjamin M. Cowan, Rasmus Ischebeck, Christopher McGuinness, Melissa R. Lincoln, Christopher M.S. Sears, Robert H. Siemann, James E. Spencer Structure Loaded Vacuum Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration Experiments at SLAC AAC06 (July 2006) 9/2006 580K