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Research Associate, Beam Physics

Postdoctoral research positions are now open at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Research areas include the physics of linear and circular colliders, high-gradient acceleration, and high-brightness electron and photon beams. Specific research topics underway span the range of beam physics issues and engineering disciplines essential to contemporary and advanced accelerators:

Theoretical and experimental studies of


Design, fabrication, and testing of


Development of new acceleration and focussing methods using


SLAC offers state of the art facilities for numerical computation, microwave measurement, metallurgy, metrology, fabrication, lithography, and easy access to the vast resources of Silicon Valley in a research environment that is focussed on pursuing technologies needed to build the most advanced particle accelerators. With its world-class faculty and staff of over 1200, SLAC works at the cutting edge of particle physics, beam physics, and accelerator technology. SLAC collaborates with over 70 institutions around the world in high energy physics experiments, including the world’s highest luminosity operating electron-positron collider, the SLAC B-factory, designed to study CP violation, and is one of the lead labs designing the International Linear Collider, a future e+/e- linear collider that would be at the energy frontier. SLAC is building the world’s first hard x-ray free-electron laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source, that provides 10 billion times greater peak brightness than any existing x-ray light source.

These are two-year academic appointments, renewable for a third year, conducting original research under the guidance of the Stanford Faculty. A Ph.D. in physics or engineering is required. SLAC is an equal opportunity employer.

Send a letter with CV, list of publications, and three letters of recommendation addressed to:
Dr. Robert J. Noble
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, MS 07
2575 Sand Hill Road
, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: (650) 926-4441
Fax: (650) 926-4365


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