2001 Structures Meetings

These meetings are organised on a weekly basis and are chaired by the group leader Juwen Wang.

  • Week 12-20-01 (No formal meeting. Year-end summary)
  • Week 12-13-01 (Zenghai -H90DDSVG3 Calc., Roger J. -H90DDSVG5+H90DDSVG3 Wake)
  • Week 12-06-01 (Nicoleta -QC of SW20a565 cups, Zenghai -H90DDS VG5 Calcs., Roger J. -H90DDSVG5 Initial Wake)
  • Week 11-29-01 (Juwen W.-H90VG5/H60VG3 F0/Fπ QC measurements, Roger J. -H90VG5 3-fold interleaved tolerances). ISG structures schedule
  • Week 11-15-01 (No Meeting - many attend ISG7 workshop at KEK)
  • Week 11-08-01(Valery D. -Beam induced freq SW1& SW2, Roger J. -Single wire and double wire first three dipole bands, Roger J. -New analysis of interleaving + H90VG5 alignment tolerances)
  • Week 11-01-01(Juwen W. -DS2 Cu removed related to freq. shifts, Valery D., Rod L. - Phase of S11 for T53VG3)
  • Week 10-25-01 (No Meeting - all attend SLAC MAC Meeting)
  • Week 10-18-01(Roger J. - Discussion of wire measurement and it's affect on the dipole frequency bands)
  • Week 10-11-01 (No Meeting - all attend SLAC workshop on Laboratory Astrophysics )
  • Week 10-04-01(Juwen - Discussion on surface fields and scheduling)
  • Week 09-27-01(Cho N. -Es field, Valery D. -Fitting of SW breakdown signal, Z. Li. -Es minimization in coupler Vg3/Vg5, Roger J. -50 SW dipole band kick factors )
  • Week 09-20-01(Valery D. -Phase S11 HFSS vs Exp., Zenghai L. -Inline tapering)
  • Week 09-13-01(Rod L. -S11 of Livermore SW20Pi, Zenghai L. -Es minimization vg3 coupler cell, Roger J. -2nd dipole band wake heavy damping)
  • Week 09-06-01(Rod L -Field and bead pulls in SWS, Roger J.-SW field with breakdown freq. errors, Valery D. -surface field, Dave B. -overall schedule)
  • Week 08-30-01(Chris A. -structure damage Cu removed for DDS/DS)
  • Week 08-23-01(Nicoletta -wire measurements intial simulations, Roger J. -SW wakefields)

  • All the above meetings are archived in Adobe "pdf" format unless otherwise indicated. The suffix "ppt" refers to Microsoft powerpoint.

    R.M. Jones