SLAC-FNAL Collaboration Meeting

This meeting was held at SLAC from June 23rd until June 25th.

  • Agenda, Juwen Wang
  • Summary, Chris Adolphsen (ppt)
  • Planning Future Structures + Breakdown R&D, Stefen Doebert
  • Structure R&D work at SLAC, Juwen Wang
  • Waveguide Coupler Trapped Modes, Roger Jones
  • ASSET Wake Predictions + NLC Baseline Emittance-Imposed Tolerances, Roger Jones
  • Wakefield Computation of DDS, Cho Ng (ppt, vid)
  • Theory Issues for GLC/NLC Structures, Roger Miller
  • NLC strongback design, Gordon Bowden
  • NLC Girder R & D, Cristian Boffo
  • Fermilab strategy to improve structure design: FXE, Nikolay Solyak
  • Four-slot fat-lip coupler HFSS simulations, Timergali Khabiboulline
  • FXD & FXE Schedules, Harry Carter

    All the above presentations are archived in Adobe "PDF" format unless otherwise indicated. The suffix "ppt" refers to Microsoft powerpoint and "vid" refers to a video presentation.

    R.M. Jones