Upcoming seminars are announced on two email-mailing lists. If you are interested in getting these announcements, you must subscribe yourself to one of the mailing lists. The procedure is described below.

On both lists, upcoming seminars will be announced about a week before the seminar. On acc-seminar you will also get a reminder about half a day to a day before the seminar. If you do not want to receive the reminder, please subscribe to acc-seminar-no-reminder.

In case of problems, contact Andreas Kabel, ext. 5069.

Your email address does not have to be at SLAC to be able to subscribe.

To subscribe to the SLAC Accelerator Seminar mailing list send email to majordomo@slac.Stanford.EDU. The text of the message should read:

subscribe acc-seminar

for the list with the reminder, and

subscribe acc-seminar-no-reminder

for the list without the reminder. You can leave the subject blank.

You will then get an email back with a special authorization code. Send this code back to majordomo@slac.stanford.edu (the email contains exact descriptions how to do that). Only after majordomo receives that email, you will be subscribed to the list. This necessary to prevent abuse of the list (due to this method it is not possible to subscribe someone else without his/her knowledge).

If you ever want to remove yourself from the mailing list, you can send email to majordomo@slac.Stanford.EDU with the following command in the body of your email message:

unsubscribe acc-seminar
unsubscribe acc-seminar-no-reminder

depending on which list you were subscribed to. In that case you will just get a confirmation from majordomo that you have been unsubscribed.

There is also a WWW form you can use to subscribe and unsubscribe: http://www.slac.stanford.edu/cgi-wrap/majordomo. In this form you have to enter the list name which is acc-seminar or acc-seminar-no-reminder respectively.

Andreas Kabel
Last modified: 05 October 2000