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  • Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics
    Links to Workshops:
  • String Ensemble
    A study group to better understand the basics of string theory and its applications to cosmology.
  • Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Astrophyscial Simulations
  • Astrophyscial Data Analysis


  • The Plasma Lens Experiment
    High luminosity is needed at future high energy linear colliders in order to investigate some of the most important phenomenon in particle physics. We have successfully carried out an experiment at SLAC to demonstrate that the plasma lens provides extremely strong focusing for both electrons and positrons, and can help achieve high luminosity at a linear collider.
  • Laboratory Astrophysics
    Although there has been much progress in astrophysics in recent years, many outstanding problems remain.  We believe our expertise in beam physics could contribute to the advance of this exciting field. Of particular interest are the acceleration mechanism for ultra-high energy cosmic-rays, the production mechanism of Gamma-ray bursts, and the nature of relativistic jets observed in active galatic nuclei. We are investigating the possibility of using the high energy and high intensity particle and photon beams that can be made available at SLAC to study these astrophysical phenomena in a laboratory setting.
    (Recent LabAstro Workshop at SLAC)

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