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Current projects.

  • Data analysis and publication on the plasma lens experiment.
    (J. Ng, P. Chen)
  • Cosmic acceleration and laboratory experiment.
    (P. Chen, T. Tajima, P. Romenescu, J. Ng, A. Yashin)
  • Relativistic e+e- plasma for Laboratory Astrophysics.
    (J. Ng, P. Chen, T. Tajima, P. Romenscu, A. Yashin)
  • Gravitational Collapse to Form Black Holes Containing
    a Cosmological Constant.
    (R. Adler, J. Bjorken, P. Chen)
  • Lecture/Discussion series on String Theory.
    (J. Irwin, D. Richards)
  • Accelerator beam dynamics model independent analysis.
    (J. Irwin)
  • Luminosity and beam-beam effects at the Next Linear Collider. (K. Thompson)
  • Course on Particle Beam Optics using Line Algebra Methods:
    Applied Physics 453A.
    (J. Irwin)

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