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High Power Microwave Group Sami Tantawi David Farkas Christoper Nantista Dian Yeremian Valery Dolgashev Perry Wilson

Top Row (left to right): Sami Tantawi (leader), David Farkas, Christopher Nantista
Bottom Row (left to right):
Dian Yeremian , Valery Dolgashev, Perry Wilson

Laboratory: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Division: Technical Division
Department: Accelerator Research Department - A
Group: High-Power Microwave Group

We conduct research on the generation and control of super-high-power rf.  This involves designing passive rf components, active rf switches, and novel rf sources.  A focus of our work is the design and development of high-power, overmoded rf pulse compression/distribution systems for  linear accelerators. We also write computer codes to facilitate this work, participate in accelerator structure R&D, study rf breakdown, and design accelerator beam lines.

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