DATE:            August 9, 2002                                                


TO:                 ARD-A


FROM:           Ron Ruth         


SUBJECT:     ARD-A Emergency Plan          




The following is intended to supplement the Facility Emergency Plan for the A&E building.  It is strongly advised that all ARD-A personnel familiarize themselves with this plan and post this memo in their offices for quick reference.


Should an earthquake, fire, or other major disaster ever occur, all ARD-A personnel will do the following:


1.                  Leave the building in which you happen to be.  The senior ARD-A person will be responsible for obtaining the department list from room 106


Order of seniority for emergency purposes:


1.  Alex Chao                                      

2.  Yunhai Cai                                                 

                  3.  Bill Herrmannsfeldt



2.                  Go to the designated assembly area…the grassy area north of the A&E entrance.


3.                  Once at the assembly area, report to the senior ARD-A person.


4.                  He/she will take your name, report your presence to the Building Manager and then give you further instructions.


Emergency preparedness is an issue that we should all take seriously.  Fortunately, disasters rarely happen…but unfortunately, there are times when they DO and it will almost always catch you off guard.  For this reason, IT IS IMPORTANT TO BE PREPARED! Please take a few minutes to look over this memo until you feel comfortable that you would know what to do if a disaster hit in the next few minutes.  Your safety is important to me and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic.