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High-Power Microwave Group

Group Leader: S. Tantawi

Group Members: V. Dolgashev, D. Farkas, C. Nantista, F. Tamura, P. Wilson, D. Yeremian

Mission:  We are doing research on the generation and control of super-high-power rf .  This includes passive rf components, active rf switches, and novel rf sources. Our work involves designing and developing high-power rf pulse compression/distribution systems for use with linear accelerators. 

Meetings: Wednesdays at 10:30 AM in the Gold Room (Bldg. 41 Rm. 118).


Pictures of our TE12 experiment at KEK


  • hybrids
  • bends
  • tapers
  • mode converters
  • launcher
  • extractor
  • tap-offs
  • miscellaneous



Power Point

HFSS Codes and Drivers



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Last modified: 6/23/2000