Collective Effects Group

The group conducts theoretical research on collective effects in beam dynamics, and in particular those concerning beam instabilities. We support the accelerators existing at SLAC and also contribute to new projects such as ILC and LCLS.

The group also has another, unofficial name, BIG, or Beam Instabilities Group.

Group members:

Former group member:

Group Research

Below are the topics of recent studies that group members were involved in (the initials indicate those involved)
  • Analytical and numerical calculation of wakes and impedances (KB, AC, SH, GS, BW)
  • Intrabeam scattering (KB)
  • Electron cloud effect (SH)
  • Coherent synchrotron radiation effects in beam dynamics (SH, GS, BW)
  • Nonlinear effects for single bunch instabilities (HS, GS, BW)
  • Laser acceleration in vacuum (GS, ZH)
  • Accelerator physics for SASE FEL's (ZH, GS, KB, YD)

Link to electonic resources on accelerator research:

We have a regular meeting on Fridays at 9:00 am in Room 230, Bldg. 41. The meeting announcements are sent out by email. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, please contact G. Stupakov.

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