Robert L. Warnock, Visiting Physicist

General Member, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute,
Berkeley (Fall Semester, 1998)


Phone: (650) 926-2870

Group: ARDA


B.A., Reed College, 1952; Fulbright Scholar, University of Amsterdam, 1952-53; Ph.D., Harvard University, 1959 (Thesis advisor: Julian Schwinger).

Previous Appointments

Research Associate, Boston University and University of Washington (1959-1962); Physics Department, Illinois Institute of Technology (Asst. Prof. -> Prof., 1962-1979); Argonne National Laboratory (Asst. Physicist -> Assoc. Physicist, 1964-1971); Physicist, SLAC (1987-1995).

Visiting Positions, Sabbatical Leaves, etc.

 International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (1967); CERN (summers of 1968, 1970); University of London - Imperial College (1972); University of Bonn, Germany (1972); University of Groningen, Holland (1976); Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (1978-1987).

General research interests (1959-1985)

Theory of elementary particles, scattering theory, nonlinear mathematical physics, foundations of quantum theory.

General research interests (1985-present)

Accelerator theory, nonlinear mechanics, electromagnetics, numerical analysis and scientific computation.

Current research interests

  • Nonlinear single-particle mechanics: Fast mapping with full-turn symplectic maps. Construction of quasi-invariants and their application in long-term bounds on the motion. Mechanisms determining the dynamic aperture. Applications to the LHC.
  • Coherent Synchrotron Radiation: Single-pass radiation in bends and chicanes. Effect of shielding by vacuum chamber.
  • Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation applied to longitudinal motion in electron storage rings: Equilibrium solution, Haissinski equation. Study of full nonlinear system in the time domain with realistic wake field.
  • Rigorous error bounds for numerical solution of differential equations.

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