Samuel A. Heifets, Physicist


Phone: (650) 926-4600

Group: ARDA

"I have a strong inclination to migration. Born in Minsk, I started moving eastward: first, to Moscow University to study physics and then to Siberia to work in Budker's Institute of Nuclear Physics. I worked with and learned from bright people (V. Byer, V. Galitsky, B. Chirikov, S. Belyaev, S. Derbenev and many others) writing a few papers on QED, nuclear physics, accelerators, and, stochasticity. I was also teaching at Novosibirsk University, mostly quantum mechanics.

"The urge to move supported by the Soviet reality persisted and after a while, I moved to the USA. Here I changed direction and moved from the east to the west, going from Connecticut to Texas, to Virginia, and, finally, to California. At the present time, I am mostly interested in collective effects and related problems such as impedance calculations. The B-factory project gives me the opportunity and motivation for such an interest."

-- Samuel A. Heifets, July 23, 1998

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